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I purchased a Weston food dehydrator thru Cabela's. It was 5 years old and the fan motor gave out.

I called Cabela's and they referenced me to Weston and Weston's phone number. I called Weston twice. The first time I was told I could not get the fan/motor because of a safety issue. The second time I called and spoke with a rep, the rep told me that the unit was sold as a single unit [apparently with no user serviceable parts].

(It would have been nice to know that prior to purchase.) I told the rep that because they could not provide me with a motor/fan that I had a $150 piece of junk sitting there. Anyway, I wanted people to know about this prior to buying a food dehydrator.

If it is a Weston, I suggest you steer clear of it. There are many other namebrands out there you can go after.

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We have had the exact same experience with the same feeling that we have now a piece of junk. We did not buy it at Cabela's however and only had it for one year


I agree with this customer. I'm in the same situation.


I have the same dehydrator and the fan motor went out, and the same NO parts. I will never shop at Cabelas again.

BAD they treat, think you are stupid. Did find a fan motor at a local shop.


I bought 2 digital 10 shelf Cabela brand dehydrators. They worked great until the plastic trays started to break.

I can't find any source of replacement trays. On contacting Cabelas customer service I was told that I could get them at $24 each or $240 for 10 plus tax and shipping. The dehydrator complete unit sells for $169.

Guess they don't sell many replacements. Must assume they are throw away units.

Williamsburg, Virginia, United States #1237241

my motor crapped out on the second time i used it. Just added a drop of oil on the fan motor shaft. This fixed it for awhile, still had to add oil again after 5th time of use.

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