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Here's a copy of he email I sent to Cabela's:

I've been a customer for some time now. For the most part I have been pretty satisfied with the service provided by your company. Recently I made a substantial online purchase that went way south.

I placed an order and expected everything to be delivered within the 3-5 days it normally takes items to ship. When I checked the order status, 3 day later, there was no record of it in the My Account Order History. I spoke with three different ladies regarding my order. I explained I was leaving on a fishing trip with my sons on the weekend ( 2 days later ) and needed to know if the items would be arriving in time.

The first lady told me she needed to put me on hold to check on it. When she returned she told me the items hadn't yet shipped, and that "no" they would not be arriving in time. Upon learning this I told her I wanted to cancel the order, (I figured I could make the essential purchases in-store). At this time she placed me on hold again. When she returned she informed me that all of their computers were down for updates. She gave me another number, and said they could help me there (800-237-8888).

I spoke with the second lady and explained everything a second time. She informed me that it was too late to cancel because her computer showed everything had shipped and would be arriving on the 26th.

After the second call I contacted my bank online and over the phone. They told me, and I saw, there had been no charge from Cabela's to my account. At this point I was not sure what was going on, so I called a third time. I explained everything once again. This time I was told the items had just shipped the day before, and would be arriving in 6 separate boxes over a time period of two to four days (Saturday-Sunday-Monday).Next she asked if she could help me with anything else I told her "how about getting me and my sons our weekend back?" I hear her laugh into the phone and say, "I have to work, so I don't get a weekend either".

I guess we'll be able to use the items I ordered on another trip. What bothers me the most is not knowing which representative was telling me the truth about the computers being down, or my order being shipped or not. I feel like I was being given the run-around while they laughed in my fac an played three-card-Monty with our order and weekend.

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The majority of the Call Center employees are high-school and college age kids, or were the two years ago I worked there. They're not granted any real authority.

And they're generally spending about a third of their shift getting shouted at by unreasonable or just plain *** people for reasons as varied as for example: Their package did not arrive in 3 days as their used to, when the website clearly shows and they were told standard delivery takes 5 business days, it MIGHT show up early, don't expect it. Or because they didn't realize when asked for their billing name it didn't mean what ever name one felt like and your order was held up because the credit card software flagged you for possible fraud. The card software does not care if you prefer to be called by your middle name, and that's not their fault. What would your argument be, at 17, against someone's unreasonable expectations?

When I was there it was against policy to accuse the customer of being wrong. It's not the companies that have lowered the bar for customer service, it's the customers. It really is a shame considering the original complaint above is legitimate. In response to Robert O, Did you contact the retailer with the tax issue and give them the opportunity to fix it?

I ask since most retailers rely on third-party tax database software rather than each company hiring their own team of dedicated lawyers and tax accountants to keep track of the rates in every petty fiefdom on Earth and sometimes the software can be mistaken. It'd be a shame if you were black marking them with your card issuer for something caused through no fault of their own.

Yuma, Arizona, United States #213411

I've been waiting on a $750.00 credit back to my card for over a month and they keep giving me the run-around about their computers are down, software updates, blah, blah, blah. Finally getting some movement on this (I think, anyway)after I called the corporate office and asked to speak to Thomas Millner, the CEO.


What you should have done was refuse the delivery, and not have signed for it. Then call your credit card company and enter into a dispute.

I always use American Express when I order online because not only do you get DOUBLE the normal manufacturers warranty on EVERYTHING that you purchase on your AE card, you also get amazing customer service that actually cares about you. I have even disputed 26 cents in excessive sales taxes that were applied once to an order and they kicked it back to the online retailer with a smile.

Always document your phone calls and other communications. Btw, I will no longer shop at Cabelas either online or in-store, they have an amazingly calloused attitude and are not at all customer-service oriented from my experience.

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