I went to a Cabelas In Hoffman Estates, il one recent Saturday and my son asked if we could bring in our dog.They said yes.

When we brought him in a women emplyee told us it was a mistake and dogs are not allowd because they make fudge (this store does not have a restaurant). But, at the same time Cabelas had several dogs in the store near the front supporting a dog rescue. I told them Bass Pro Shops not only allow dogs but encourage dogs and they also have food being made and a restaurant. I buy a lot of items from Cabelas every year from guns to camping equipment to clothing, but I have made the decision not to shop Cabelas anymore.

I will go to Bass Pro Shops and Gander Mountain for now on instead of Cabelas.Sometimes it makes me courious as to who are the brainiacs in management who make poor, unintelligent decisions and still get paid?

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They're bound by health code laws.They don't have a choice.

And the dogs that were in there were likely Service Dogs.My Service Dog and I help our local humane society with events in non dog friendly places.


I have to agree with the original poster.Dog's should be allowed in.

Using "food and nuts and the law" as an excuse is nothing more than eye wash. By law, dogs are not allowed in the areas where food is prepared and served- that is not the entire store. Bass Pro also has two restaurants within their stores and dogs are allowed.

From a business perspective: know your customer. I don't go to a hunting gear store to buy fudge.

I do go there to buy hunting dog gear and everything else I need for hunting.

The allergy comment is also an excuse. The area within these stores is similar to an aircraft hanger. You would have as much chance have an allergic reaction as passing a dog on the street. Furthermore, are you not allergic to service dogs?

If you are allergic to animals, you probably don't hunt them.

Who is the customer?

We go to Bass Pro because they do allow dogs and the gear is top notch. We visit any time of year due to these facts, even we are not in the market for gear. Therefore, that is where we spend our money.

I'll only buy from Cabela's if it isn't somewhere else (rare) and I'll do it online.

Wheeling, West Virginia, United States #958689

The law is not a Cabelas policy.I worked for one for over 3 years.

At our store its a state law to not have non service dogs around the store due to serving food.Not Cabelas policy but a state law that we have to follow.

to Anonymous White Lake Township, Michigan, United States #1046724

As said before in a statement.Bass Pro Shops in Michigan encourage Dogs in there store and have a restaurant in the store.

A persons Dog is like family, especially when it comes down to the outdoors and hunting.

I have always had good experiences at Bass Pro.

Get it together Cabala's.P.T.F.


This was the right thing to do.They do make fudge/nuts and could have sanitary license fined or revoked for not following standards.

Service dogs ARE allowed and are trained to "service" and not to cause messes! I commend the management for making the safest choice.. They have a lot to contend with and safety is huge for them. Don't make rude comments regarding management.

They work so very hard there. I know because I worked at that very location for 6+ years.

They take care or "customers" and "employees" and they go it well.

Probably best you shop somewhere else.I'm sure the staff is happy without disgruntled ones such as yourself.


If by law dogs are not allowed in places that make food what is your issue. Service dogs are allowed in places standard dogs are not.

to Gunguy #911284

Except, there are dog friendly restaurants that serve people food.That argument is invalid.

As a dog owner myself, this makes me mad.

I have an 18 week old puppy who is very well behaved.

I'm trying to socialize her as much as possible as I'd like to hopefully get her CGC certified.I get allergy problems, but if every store would just say "hey, pets are allowed in here", then that person could come prepared or shop online.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #832402

Dramatic much?

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #749525

To heck with anyone with a pet allergies, I want my dog in the store! I'm more important than you are!!


You probably wont be missed.

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