Dec. 18, 2013: I'm able to do some online Christmas shopping and have a Cabela's gift card. Great! I'll use it for gifts....not.

It took about :30 minutes to even reach a 'real' person; not only that, but I didn't even get an annoying hold message, just a busy signal.

Finally, I got through and spoke to a customer service rep. After I had given her my items, she informed me that they would be arriving around Dec. 30. When I expressed dismay that they wouldn't be here for Christmas, she told me that Christmas delivery was 'done' at 9 p.m. Her attitude: Oh, well.

I told her to cancel the order. She was quite brusque and said she would do so, and hung up.

Soooo....I called LLBean. The call was answered on the first ring, by another customer service rep, who was GREAT. Not only did she take my order, and offer me a $10 bonus coupon to use on that same order, she also gave me the name of a competitor who might have similar items that LLBean was currently sold out of. (Anybody seen 'Miracle on 34th Street' recently?)

Moral of the story; someday I'll be around a Cabela's store and use my gift card, but I'll stick with LLBean: great products, great service, and a wonderful return policy if something's not right.

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I have been ordering from LLBean for 2 years. I have experienced the greatest in service from this company.

The items were beyond my expections and the sizes are truly what they advertise. A customer for life.

Richfield, Wisconsin, United States #762178

I totally agree! Cabellea's Customer Service Dept.

sucks! I have been a Cabellea's Club Card member for about a year. I went there today to purchase 9MM rounds. Total was $146.00 My card was declined.

I asked why and the store clerk and manager couldn't tell me. Everything was fine with the card, no balance owed, not expired, not out of my normal purchase area, etc. They directed me to the Club Card booth where the clerk attempted to contact the Cabella's Customer Service Dept. via telephone.

Same thing you experience, it took aprox. 30 minutes to get someone to answer. The service rep (who was very rude) said a hold had been put on my card because of the purchase amount. I said are you kidding me, I have purchased that same amount back in October w/o a problem.

I asked if she could lift the hold and she said no that was a different department and she would have to transfer me. I told her I had already been on hold for 30 minutes and didn't want to hold any longer. I asked her to close out my account as I am done with Cabella's Club and she of course said she couldn't do that either. I finally blew my cool and told her where to go.

I told the store manager that they had a major problem and they were going to loos customers until they fixed it!

My recommendation is to steer clear of Cabella's Club Visa unless you want a credit card which is useless and aggravating!!!!

Schererville, Indiana, United States #761934

Around this time of the year..good luck! Although, I had no trouble with my order.

Mine is already here. No last minute stressful Christmas shopping

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