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" Lifetime Guarantee" is a joke.

The company demonstrates no intention of standing behind their product.

In my case it was a fly rod but I suspect Cabelas places the "Lifetime Guarantee" with equal insincerity on many of their products.

Specifically in the case of the fly rod ,"normal wear and tear " only includes cosmetic imperfections and not damages that may occur when actually fishing.

As soon as The Customer Service department determined the problem was not cosmetic they had no interest in looking at my rod or hearing how the rod broke. Apparently attempting to remove a fly caught in a tree is not normal wear and tear and having the tip top ( with no glue) fall off is acceptable.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Sounds like their company is just in it for money. At least L.L.

Bean is still a Decent company. I will go there from now on.

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