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As an employee who works there currently, this does not surprise me at all. The amount of product that walks out that door without being paid for is astounding.

I have seen dead fish in the aquarium, no product knowledge from some of the employees that work there, and employees coming and going as they choose. They only have 2 people watching the many cameras and one of them is usually in court. It's an open buffet for shoplifters! Their prices are marked up at least 50% on any used guns they purchase and they pay the experienced employees the same as a kid with little or no product knowledge at 10.00 per hour.

It's a revolving door of employees at Cabela's and they still think they are a great company to work for.

Shop at your local bait & tackle stores and gun shops. This place is a joke and they take advantage of folks with money to burn or that just don't care.

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