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As a long time employee of Cabela's, I have watched Johnny Morris tear apart Cabela's little by little. What was a "Legendary Outfitter" has become another WalMart. He is now running Cabela's off the backs of the employees by taking their income right out of their pockets. I was part time for a full year and as a full time employee, I will make less money in a year than I did part time. Here's why:

-No Lay Away (affects customers and employees)

-No Military Discount (affects customer and employees)

-Gutted the long term Employee Discount (Now basically worthless)

-No Kiosk incentives (affects employees taking away income we relied upon)

-No Overtime (Again reaching in my pocket to raise profits for Johnny)

-Reduced Employee Incentive Programs (More Profits for Johnny)

-Free Merchandise from Suppliers GONE! This did not cost Johnny a penny, but for spite, he took away a good thing from employees.

-Cheap goods for sale. The quality products are all gone. Closest Competitor now, WalMart

-Quality, experienced employees fired because they were top wage earners

-Ignorant Managers now in charge

-Unable to hire quality, experienced Outfitters as the starting wage has dropped so significantly.

-The latest stupid move? Trigger locks on all guns from the moment they come in the door, until the customer gets home. Customer "Can I try this trigger?" Johnny, "NO!" Customer, Can I feel the reset? Johnny, "NO!" Customer, "Can I try this holster?" Johnny, "NO!" On and On... Lawyers. All Lawyers. Why does Johnny think his Lawyers are smarter than the hundreds of other gun retailers in the USA? He must believe it so much he is willing to lose significant business and *** off a large portion of what were regular customers.

We have a saying at Cabela's "Another punch in the crotch from Johnny". This is due to the continuing and chronic policies from Johnny to reach in the pockets of his staff for more profits, rather than maintain the "Legendary Outfitter" the Cabela Brothers built.

Keep your hands out of my pockets Johnny!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Cabelas Pros: Employees.

Cabelas Cons: Johnny morris taking my income.

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I totally agree with the HUGE unamazingly bad shopping experience @Cabelas recently. I shopped exclusively at Cabela’s for years.

I’ve tried Bass Pro Shops in Harrisburg Pa and In Bridgeport Ct.... poor quality goods in vertically all areas.

I am very disappointed with all the recent changes in Cabelas stores. Cheap goods @higher prices=unhappy customers


Yep, just visited a store this past weekend and was sad to see that most of the quality Cabela's branded items were gone in favor of Bass Pro junk. I used to be able to order online and be sure that what I received would be of good quality, but now you really have to inspect things in person to get the random decent item.

Oh, and for long time Club members - welcome to Capitol One! Sigh...

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