45959 Towne Center Blvd, New Baltimore, MI 48047, USA

Update by user Jun 09, 2018

The GM emailed offering to take back the firearm for a full refund. Did so.

Update by user Jun 09, 2018

UPDATE: Within four days of posting the initial review, I received the following email: Mr. Miskell – I have received transcripts from a conversation that you had with our customer service line regarding your recent purchase of a firearm from our Gun Library.

The firearm in question was sold as a used firearm and per policy is not returnable. It appears that you feel Cabela’s engaged in some type of misrepresentation of the firearm that you inspected prior to taking ownership, so if you feel the firearm is not what it was advertised or promoted as then please bring it in for a refund. The gun library team has been notified to offer a full refund for the purchase price. Please bring your purchase receipt and identification along with the firearm and we will process your refund.

Blair H. Hughes General Manager Cabela’s of Chesterfield 45959 Towne Ctr. Blvd. Chesterfield, Michigan 48047 We took them up on their "kind" offer of a full refund.

I responded to Mr. Hughes: Mr. Hughes, We took you up on your offer of a full refund - thanks. Attached is the photo we took of the gun before purchase.

Does that label say "NEW"? William Miskell Unhappy Former Customer of Cabela’s As of 6/9/2018, I've heard nothing further from Cabela's.

Original review posted by user May 10, 2018

Cabelas in Chesterfield, Michigan, sells "factory blemished" S&W handguns stating they are new and merely have a maybe-detectable cosmetic blemish. The "factory-blemished" S&W Victory I took home and started to clean has had a LOT of rounds through it. After discovering this, I tried to return it. They stood firmly on their sales receipt that says it's a used gun, no returns or refunds. GOT ME!

It may have been a mistake on the salesman's part, not knowing they are used guns, BUT they refused to correct it.

I called Smith and Wesson who confirmed they do sell "used" guns through Cabelas - not "factory-blemished," which leaves the factory-blemished label cooked up by Cabelas.

I chatted online with Cabelas Corporate who said they would forward a transcript of the chat to the Chesterfield store. No response.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Cabelas Cons: Being misled by salesman and labeling.

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It was very snotty when they responded by saying 'the firearm YOU INSPECTED prior to taking ownership'. Nobody would expect factory blemish to be a used gun.

@just noticing

Exactly. Thank you. And no one disassembles a gun when purchasing.

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