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On December 22, I went to the Richmond Cabelas to buy a new Nikon Buckmaster 3x9 Scope with BBC for $219.99 with tax was $138.99 because I had a coupon and club points. I had to drive over 50 miles to get to the store and made the purchase in good faith.

When I returned home to mount the new scope on my rifle, I discovered that the scope in the box was a used and damaged scope, not even of the type that I had purchased. I called Cabela's right away, and they told me that they would take care of it when I got there to exchange the scope. I drove all the way back to the Richmond store and then was told that I could not get an exchange or my money back. That their employees check all merchandise before selling it and the correct scope must have been in the box.

I know for certain that the employees did not check the box before putting it in the bag because my son, Gary was present at the sale. The customer service representative said that they had the purchase on surveillance tapes. They told me that they could make a copy for me. They let me sit there and then came back and told me that they could not make the copy for me or the surveillance tapes or let me talk to the employee that made the purchase.

They said that the employee was clearly checking the box out and that the packing around the scope that should have been there if it was new was removed by the clerk, which never happened and this happened in the presence of myself and my son.

So not only am I out the money of for the scope, I'm out gas money, my time, the time my son took out of his vacation to purchase and I'm stuck with a used, damaged scope.

I have been a loyal Cabela's customer for years, but no longer. My son and my extended family will all know what happened during this shopping experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cabelas Customer Care.

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Update on the previous posting. On Thursday, I called to ask if the gift card had been sent.

I was put on hold for 10 to 15 miniutes. Then someone came on to tell me they were busy and would have to call back. They didn't. By the following Saturday, the gift card had not come.

I was traveling through EGF, so I stopped to pick it up, to see if it had been mailed.

It had not. After explaining everything again and waiting for 15 minutes or more, I was given a gift card for all the overchages, the gun and the shells.


Last Saturday I purchased four items at Cabelas. I was overcharged for three of them.

I thought the balance seemed high (I had a gift card), but I took their word for it - until I got home. Then I saw that I was overcharged $50 on a cap and ball revolver and $10 per box on two boxes of cartridges. When I called, they told me the only thing they could do was give me a gift card for the $50 on the gun.

I was just out of luck on the cartridges. The gift card hasn't come either.


i am sorry for that experience for the cabelas is a big website.also i know a good outdoor sports website is .


I traced the ip address from the first "webmaster" and it was traced to some *** behind a computer.

see how easy it is to pose as someone else morons

CABELAS is number one


I used to work for this company and I will never EVER go back nor shop there EVER again. They are crooks.

This company is NOT what is used to be. They lie, cheat and steal. They abuse their employees and treat them as if they are the *** of the universe because THEY are upper management. And believe me...more shady business goes on BY THE MANAGEMENT than customers.

It's sickening.

I finally quit because I could stomach no more. Life is better after Cabelas.


The IP addresses have been traced to a Cabela's Domain. Sadly those very distasteful comments above were made by an actual Cabelas manager or employee. I stopped doing busines with this company long ago as it was very apparent to me that they have some real attitude issues in their corporate structure.


Wow cabelasmgr, sounds like you're the *** employee that made the swap. So how much did you get for it at the swap-meet?

I'm sure corporate doesn't smile on your online conduct either, in fact, you'll find it in your employee manual...

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