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Why Cabala's VISA sucks worse than any other Credit card I have ever known.

I have had a Cabala's Credit Card for over 12 years. Now Cabala's VISA increased their web Site security to the point that my Blood Presser goes up every time I think of having to access my online account.

I believe the Web Site locks you out if you type your password wrong once.

The it tells you to call the World's Foremost Bank Customer Care where you will wait and wait and wait each time I have called. once you are told your account is no longer locked. the web Site wants you to input the below personal information to get back in.


date of birth:

Social Security last 4:

Account Number:

I asked the person on the phone if I was on a Hotel Network or my computer was some how compromised it puts me in a position to have my Identity stolen by inputting this information into the computer. So how it that safer.

All I can say is I am done with cabala's VISA as soon as I can roll all my auto pays over to a new card I will be canceling the card with Cabala's.

Being a Cabala's Member VISA card holder does not mean you get the best price. I have found many deals on other sites and purchased them using the Cabala's Card.

Evan with the Employee Pricing I have found better deals other places.

I have complained to cabala's via email and on phone had have never gotten an adequate answer from them .

I will continue to shop at cabala's but will no longer use their bankcards.

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