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This is my experience at CABELAS!!

I received (3) NeoAIr XLite sleeping pads by Thermarest as a gift and then went in Cabelas and bought (3) more for the rest of my family to use backpacking for when the cooler weather hits Phoenix Arizona...

Unfortunately, my kids and girlfriend decided that they werent up for the backpacking challenge...

Moving forward...First, my girlfriend miss placed our receipt (which put me in a panic because I paid cash and I wouldnt get my money back). We searched high and low for the receipt but couldnt find it :(

So on 4/16/2013 I was driving by Cabelas and went to return the (6) sleeping pads. However, when I opened my trunk I only had two of the six pads with me. So I went into Cabelas and they scanned each pad. The large pad was $179.00 and the regular size pad was $159.00 for a total in store credit of $374.57 (with the return tax). I then told the customer service lady (Brianna) that I would return the other four pads in a few days.

I then went looking around Cabelas to see if I was gonna buy something...Turns out I ended up spending the $374.57 in store credit, PLUS AN ADDITIONAL $145.53 the same night. (HERE CABELAS you thieves track this transaction

ST#015 RG#106 TR#9023)

Moving forward to 4/22/2013, I went in to CABELAS to return the other four pads and to spend some more money... A girl named Maryn at the Cabelas Customer Service desk was very rude to me...Maryn tried to tell me that one of the most expensive sleeping pads (NEOAIR XLITE) on the hiking market was once 50% off by their computer standards. Really?? When just the other day when I returned the first two pads and it wasn't an issue. Furthermore, if your a professional hiker you know that these Thermarest NEO AIR XLITE Sleeping Pads are NEVER on sale especially at 50% off!! Not on Amazon not, not EVER!! ANYWHERE!! NEVER!!! CABELAS give me a break!!

So, based on my return the other day my in store credit for the (4) pads should have been $659.99... BUT instead CABELAS Customer Service tried to low ball my return/in store credit to less than $375!! WHAT!!! CABELAS tried CHEATING ME out of $284.96 because i lost a receipt!! I then told Maryn that this was nonsense.

Maryn then snapped at me and told me I have had a bunch of returns with no receipt...I said WHAT! Maryn went on to tell me that since CABELAS opened in 1961 I have had two returns with no receipt! I guess by CABELAS standards that makes you a CRIMINAL!!

I then called CABELAS Customer Service hotline and they claimed they couldn't find the sale and that the lowest price would be issued. I don't know what to tell them...

Maybe the cashier rang the wrong sku#??? I don't know?? I do know that 4 days earlier this wasn't an issue at Cabelas Customer Service Desk. Nor did CABELAS Customer Service ever think that an error could be on their end regarding their POS system and/or skus!! How about that CABELAS!!

BUYER BEWARE OF CABELAS!!!! It was sad enough that I wasn't getting my money back but then CABELAS took advantage of the situation and of a single Dad with four kids by trying to cheat me out of $284.96! That's a lot of money to me and my family!!

To bad for CABELAS, because I would have spent $100's more of my money along with the in store credit but not now!! or EVER AGAIN!!!

BEWARE!!! CABELAS will cheat you out of money and treat you like a criminal if you dont have a reciept!!

You can make this right Cabelas by contacting me at

Monetary Loss: $285.

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Illinois City, Illinois, United States #720529

No beware if you are smart! First off, no receipt puts you in the hot spot and some stores won't even return or give in store credit without receipt.

Next, you should have spoke to someone else if she was rude and tell a manager. You could have also asked manager about the price. Just remember, being responsible with receipts saves you the hassle. Last, you are blaming cabelas for your spendings?

Please. You are an adult, right?


Kewldadaa you steal and bring things back for a living. Also you don't even speak to one of the four kids you are referring to.

So why did you have so many pads? I think that Cabella's caught onto you.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #641008

You need to Let Joe Know on ABC15! He looks into consumer concerns and can help get to the bottom of it I think.

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