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Worst management, terrible customer service, Lies & Bait and switch. Called down to see if gun was in stock" Yes come on down, we have a few left". Drive down and wait for y number to be called, ask for Rep I talked to and he says, Hold On, ill get you the gun. Come out from back office and says sold out? I have all of these other models, what do you want to see? confused. You sold out in last 45 minutes? I ask for rain check and he sends me to front counter. At counter im told they sold out 2 days ago, no rain checks!! maybe I wnt to by... Read more

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I ordered #41 primers four months ago and some powder, paid hazmat fee on order, primers on backorder since then, I keep having to renew backorder every 60 days or lose my hazmat fee on this order, other stores have the primers, this place sucks. Also they have had these primers on sale twice during this time. Bad sales reps. Since then they have renewed backorder every few weeks always saying they should be in a any time but they never are. I know I am going to out last them, they are not getting the best of me, But they are never getting my... Read more

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I've notice in the past few years that service is declining. My most recent experience was yesterday. I needed help with a huge loading ramp I wanted to buy and also had a question. I spent 10 - 15 minutes or so looking around for a rep and could not find one to assist me. Eventually I did but it took way too long and they were sooo busy, moving a hundred miles an hour. That place was obviously short staffed and the staff there seemed to be in a constant frantic state. I went to checkout and the folks in front of me had many price checks... Read more

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I was there a while ago....I could over hear the employees cursing and harassing each other over the sound system!! I mean how unbelievably cruel of corporate managers and IT Professionals to allow that? There is never any music or tv sound at Dunkin donuts or Cabelas in hamburg. I mean is that so we can hear the local people's Bull? It is very clear that I am appalled by such ownership of local businesses. I have a daughter that worked there and she was harassed to tears by some nasty group of people, they even did it to her at her home and... Read more

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Bought $182.59 worth of items March 9, 2016 on the internet from Cabela's, using my credit card. 2 days later I check my credit card acct. online and find pending charges, a total of 4, for over $400.00. I contact Cabela's by phone and am told just authorization charges will disappear in 24 hrs. Nope, did not disappear but new charges took their place. 2nd. call different story. New billing program on computer, will straighten out in 24 hours. Nope, so I revert to email so I have a written record of communications. 17 emails and 23... Read more

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If the price dont kill you the customer service will.. If you are looking a quality product with a warranty do not purchase cabelas brand products the warranty is trash. 400$ item turns into 106$ gift card ( had receipt 20 days old) No way I would shop there again. Never felt hustled until I dealt with cabelas. I purchased a cabelas alaskan guide scope. Randall ( nc) Add comment

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Cabelas, Garner n c. Pitiful salt water section to be so close to coastal region No planning or research done when the store opened. Lot of money going to Bass Pro and Nuese Sports shop. Store acts unconcerned about this. Missing out on a lot of sales. Add comment

I attended a CCW class today and was given a voucher for a gift card that apparently csnnot be used. After standing in line for 15 min, clerk brought over sub manager Adrian who directed be to the customer service dept. where I waited another 10 min. Then I spoke to young clerk who called over Adrian again. Adrian then called manager, I assume, who said I would have to contact the company who put on the class to have them send a voucher. Seems like when I signed up, the ticket to go to the class with the square to verify, would have contained... Read more

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As an employee who works there currently, this does not surprise me at all. The amount of product that walks out that door without being paid for is astounding. I have seen dead fish in the aquarium, no product knowledge from some of the employees that work there, and employees coming and going as they choose. They only have 2 people watching the many cameras and one of them is usually in court. It's an open buffet for shoplifters! Their prices are marked up at least 50% on any used guns they purchase and they pay the experienced employees the... Read more

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Went to buy some mid priced binoculars to use for birding and wildlife viewing. There was one person working this counter-I got the 3 types I wished to try and stood at the counter for close to 30 minutes. The salesman was showing a pocket knife to one other customer. He never glanced our way or acknowledged our presence the entire time. I have worked in jobs focused on providing excellent customer service experience and frankly I was appalled that he never acknowledged he had other customers or that we had been waiting for a significant... Read more

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