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I went to the Grand Junction store to buy a fly rod. I'm looking at fly rods and employees pass by with not even a glance my way. I'm literally standing there with a 400.00 dollar fly rod and an eighty dollar fly line in my hands. I finally ask a young guy if I could get some service at fly fishing dept. He uses his walkie talkie and tells me Jim is just checking in and he'll be right there. It's 11 am. On a Wednesday. Employees outnumber... Read more

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Tried to return a Tilley hat that was given as a gift. All I had wanted to do was exchange the hat for one that fit properly. Customer service required to hold my drivers license while I searched for the correct size hat. Upon returning to CS with the hat, I was told that I would have to pay the regular price for the replacement as the original may have been purchased while on sale! A difference was approximately $40! Obviously, I refused... Read more

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We called about a tarp that we returned through the mail. We wanted our Cabela's card reimbursed for the amount of the tarp . Because the tarp was on sale at one time they only credit us the sale price and sent us a gift card for merchandise only . That would make us buy merchandise that we don't need and still pay full price for the tarp. Yes we have the receipt. After getting disconnected three times and each time they apologized and said... Read more

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100% FULL

Cabelas - Cabela's Screwed me not Once, but Twice!
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I purchased a Predator XL kayak from Cabelas on 5/9 and cancelled my purchase with another company because Cabelas advertised the kayak for $679. $900 cheaper than what I had purchased elsewhere. I contacted Cabelas to verify that this was indeed the appropriate Kayak, and from the attached conversation validated that it was. I then cancelled my order with the local vendor and lost all discounts on my purchase with them, but hey, I lost a couple... Read more

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today I called the customer service 1800 number, attemp 2 call, first lady received my phone, altitude very rude, as " i don't understand what you talk about" , what triggers me was I gave him the item number, and asked her what is length this rod was, because I purchased multiple of them, if she could answer me back the size of rod, I know whether the item number is correct or not, she pissed, didn't help me to find out the length, but tell me... Read more

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Went to store after receiving a coupon for a 20$ discount on purchase over 100$ I thought great I need a new trolling motor battery.So off I go checked online item in stock get to store no Battery(on sale sold out),Ok things happen they can get one ordered for me go through all of necessary tasks to get that done I go home wait for ship to store to notify me the item is in 3 days go by they cancel my order saying the item is no longer going to... Read more

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I thought sure you would have Northface Tennis shoes. That sucks!! Then we had lunch with only five tables occupied and tried to find a clean table. We finally found one that was clean. Its not like the cafe was busy it wasn't. This is in Kansas City, KS. They need to get with the program. As much money wpeople spend there we should at least need to clean table to set at. In the last 4 months we have bought 3 pistols. We all need better customer... Read more

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I went to the Cabelas today in Berlin to pay my bill at 9am. I had to wait until 9:30 for someone to come in , no one knew how to process a payment on a credit card. I cant believe that a Manager didnt know how to do this transaction. I had to wait 35 minutes for an employee to come in to process. The only good thing I can say is that the Employee that told me this was very pleasant. Add comment

Worst management, terrible customer service, Lies & Bait and switch. Called down to see if gun was in stock" Yes come on down, we have a few left". Drive down and wait for y number to be called, ask for Rep I talked to and he says, Hold On, ill get you the gun. Come out from back office and says sold out? I have all of these other models, what do you want to see? confused. You sold out in last 45 minutes? I ask for rain check and he sends me... Read more

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I ordered #41 primers four months ago and some powder, paid hazmat fee on order, primers on backorder since then, I keep having to renew backorder every 60 days or lose my hazmat fee on this order, other stores have the primers, this place sucks. Also they have had these primers on sale twice during this time. Bad sales reps. Since then they have renewed backorder every few weeks always saying they should be in a any time but they never are. I... Read more

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