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  • From mobile
  • Cabelas
  • Jul 01
  • by anonymous
  • #505317

Cabelas failed to honour a sale agreement and this cost me $145 in bank charges. Dozens of emails have received the same generic replies. I don't believe their service agents even read the emails. They have replied to my different emails using the same text. Add comment

  • Jun 29
  • Customer Service
  • Kansas City, Kansas
  • False Advertising
  • 6

Cabelas routinely advertises merchandise they have little or no inventory of. I'd call it bait and switch. Specifically for me since they opened in KC. A Remington model 5, a Winchester Wildcat (re-branded European 22 rifles) A Zastava .357 mag revolver. On two occasions I got the same BS story how they were still on the truck lost in a snow storm in Nebraska. Also, discounts for tax... Read more

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  • Jun 15
  • Sport
  • Macau, Macau
  • Wrong Shipping
  • 5

I have order to Cabelas, the recipient name have spelled wrong(my information is right on their system, but Cabelas label it wrong on the package) cause the post office to reject me from collect my package, I contact Cabelas, and said it is urgent, and he just said this is not their business, I ask them to go to the post office to correct the recipient name, and they just even didn't try, just... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Cabelas
  • Jun 14
  • by anonymous
  • #497868

I ordered a $700 canoe from cabelas. Such a large and expensive item with no tracking. Can't believe Cabelas would not track shipment! Add comment

  • Jun 12
  • Sport
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Horrible Customer Service
  • 27

Cabelas charged my credit card twice for the same item. I called customer service at Cabelas to have the problem corrected. However, they were extremely unhelpful, and could not help me with the situation. They told me I had to contact the store where I made the purchase and have the situation handled by them. After contacting the store manager, he said there was nothing he could do, as my... Read more

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  • Jun 02
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Extended 2 Year Warranty
  • 17

I purchased a Lowrance HDS-10 from Cabela's 5-19-11 and the cashier sells me on an 2yr extended warrantee plan. After having an LMS 320 go bad in the past I thought it was a good idea. So 3 yrs after being told that the extended coverage began after the Mfgr's 2yr warrantee the unit goes bad. A call to their service dept they tell me my coverage has expired at the end of the Mfgr's warrantee... Read more

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  • May 27
  • Shopping
  • Avoca, Iowa
  • Military Discount
  • 7
  • 35

After driving 70 miles (one way) and passing up a closer Bass Pro I was told in the checkout line "sorry no more military discounts"on Memorial Day weekend! Well Cabelas is apparently ran by the same goverment "goofballs"who try and balance the budget on the backs of the veterans! Don't worry you may not be there for us but we will still be there for you. Bass Pro here I come!!! Hey I have an... Read more

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  • May 17
  • Customer Service
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Terrible Customer Service
  • 2
  • 29

I recently visited the Gonzales, LA store and experienced terrible customer service. I was trying to purchase a rifle for my son for his birthday, and the sales representative in the gun library was extremely rude. He was also making racial comments to his fellow coworkers about a couple that walked by. I'm not sure where he received his education, but it's 2014. I cannot believe that people are... Read more

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  • May 17
  • Products
  • Brinkley, Arkansas
  • Gun
  • 1
  • 1

I had to sell a gun to pay for medical bills. Cabelas offered me $650 for the gun. I went back 2 weeks later, and they changed the price to $500. I found out that they had damaged the gun during my first visit and tried to divert the blame to me. Read more

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  • May 16
  • Shopping
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Memorial Day Sale
  • 34

Went to Louisville, KY Cabela's at 10:30 a.m. May 15th for the beginning of the Memorial day sale. Store had opened at 9:00 a.m. parking lot was less than 1/3 full. Obviously there had not been a run on the doors at opening given residual customers and copious amount of other sale items. I went to the Firearms counter and ask for one of the Henry AR-7 Survival rifles listed on sale for $199.99... Read more

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