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Today I visited the Lacey Store in Washington State. I had the joy of trying to talk the lazy store manager that kept sending the young women out of his office to deliver messages! WTF!!!! This is not the South and you're not a king Mr. Lazy Store Manager. I had been told by one employee the cost of item and it was not honored at the cash register... he thought I made up the story! ***! Lazy *** at that! I have a feeling he was given a... Read more

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At the Cabelas boat service center in Rogers, MN. Tried to purchase a new cup holder for a boat. Cashier refused to accept cash. The 'excuse' was "we do not want to get robbed going from the service center to the main store" and we not accept cash in this store--main store less than 0.5 miles away. Several weeks later stopped at main store, the main store does not have the cup holder needed--the store assistant manager said the stores have... Read more

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I got a credit card with Cabela's in March 2016 which had a credit limit of $ 5000. Last week i check my account and found they had lowered my credit limit without telling me. I called and was told that was because my credit score went down so they lowered my limit. They said they received a report from from Equifax in May saying that it had lowered well this is July 2 months later they lowered it. When given the four reason it was reported to... Read more

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Was inline next to pay for my items. The process was stopped with a cash register issues. The line grew much longer while several folks tried to correct the problem. Another cash register was working and that line got really long also. The cashier for my line moved over two lanes to another cash register and was trying to make it work. My line moved to that lane and were still patient. Then the cashier moved to yet another cash register... Read more

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Teva omnium sandals were marked on sale for about $59.00. Was charged $85.00 at check out. Next time I'll go to Whole Earth maybe they won't try to screw me.

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First and foremost I am am former cabela's employee from the Huntsville, Alabama store. Am I disgruntled? You're *** right I am, and here's why. 1. Management in this store is self serving. They care about no one except for themselves. 2. Those who lie, cheat and steal are rewarded. Those who do their jobs are overlooked. 3. You can *** or get a *** in the store or in the parking lot and management turns their heads. (Team leads with store... Read more

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we went to cabelas store in rogers ark, made a special trip to purchase a scope we stood at the counter for 20 minutes , the salesman saw us standing there and just looked off and and not one time did he ask can I help you ///// he waited on 3 other people that came to the counter while we were still standing there ....this was at 12.30 Wednesday,,, we were so upset we just left and went to the bass pro shop at least they have friendly... Read more

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It's beyond me that Cierra, a manager, representing the Cabella's Visa Card is employed. We had a discrepancy on our statement and assumed it had been taken care of by the Visa department. When we requested to speak with a manager we were greeted with condescending, rude behavior, followed by laughter. This woman represents Cabella's, as far as we are concerned, and because of her insensitive and bizarre responses to us we are compelled to... Read more

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After I dropped my previous weather radio in the wife bought a weather radio for me for Christmas to use up at our summer cabin. Summer roles along, I get out my gift and it turns out that the charger cord that came in the package doesn't even fit the radio. So she takes it back to exchange for something that actually works....sorry, 3 month return policy. Is this the last store on the planet with such an arcane policy? ***'s and REI... Read more

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I went to the Grand Junction store to buy a fly rod. I'm looking at fly rods and employees pass by with not even a glance my way. I'm literally standing there with a 400.00 dollar fly rod and an eighty dollar fly line in my hands. I finally ask a young guy if I could get some service at fly fishing dept. He uses his walkie talkie and tells me Jim is just checking in and he'll be right there. It's 11 am. On a Wednesday. Employees outnumber... Read more

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